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Download it and have the kids download as well.

The Daily Schedule and IE rooms are on  the website.

The Make-up Workshop and the Choreo Workshop are on the Workshop Grid.

Make-Up Critic’s Choice Information
Students will bring their event materials from Districts to the workshop (Westin). They bring all their make-up and a model to the Face-Off on Saturday night 8-ish in the Convention Center.

Critic’s Choice Makeup Challenge

Choreography Critic’s Choice information
Choreography is in the Patel. It’s a dance/choreo workshop.

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We were lucky to have had Betsy Kaplan as an Advocate of the Arts.

“We remember Betsy Kaplan as a staunch supporter of public education, the arts, and many nonprofits, including The Education Fund. Betsy served on our board for more than a decade, and on our advisory board thereafter, bringing supporters and ideas to the table. Among numerous brilliant ideas, the inspiration for our annual For the Love of Art Auction (a student and teacher art showcase) was hers.


I remember the day when she was helping to judge our children’s art exhibit. She fell in love with a papier-mâché trio of cupcakes created by a fifth grader. Betsy turned to me and said, ‘I want to buy these. There must be a way.’ And our art auction was born. Long after she retired from the school board, she was still helping to judge our annual children’s art exhibit, supporting our art auction, and serving on our board, peppering our discussions with an ardent concern for children having opportunities to develop their talents through hands-on learning, especially via the arts. Betsy will be missed, but her work and ideas will live on, bettering our community for all.


To honor Betsy and the inspiration she brought to our work of improving public education for all children, we will dedicate our upcoming art auction in her memory. Betsy Kaplan is a role model to which we should all aspire.”

Linda Lecht, president, The Education Fund

The passing of our beloved friend Jack Mezzano.

Jack Mezzano, former Braddock Theatre Teacher and beloved friend of District 8 Thespians passed away this morning after being hospitalized since December 30, 2016.  Jack taught for Braddock Senior High Drama, troupe 4841,  from 1996 to this past September.  Jack’s talent was exceptional.  Not only was he a gifted pianist and director but a motivational instructor who fueled so many in practicing theatre and sparked countless careers in entertainment.   He was one of the most supportive and talented teachers in Miami—Dade County.  His undying love and work for District 8 Thespians will live on in our hearts forever.   Jack’s diagnosis was unfortunately unknown.  As of Thursday night, Jack was placed on a morphine drip and slept peacefully until his passing this morning.  His husband, Jack Matter (Mom), was at his side day and night and received amazing support from our thespians, friends and family.  We ask that you keep our amazing and talented friends in your thoughts at this incredibly difficult time.

A gofundme account has been opened in Jacks name at this address:

If you would like to send a card:  8608 SW 156th Place, Miami, FL 33193-1213

There is no further information on services, but we will post as soon as it is available.

Please keep our Jacks in your thoughts and Prayers at this time.

The Passing of beloved drama teacher, David Nardone – December 6, 2016

Earlier this school year our beloved friend David Nardone was diagnosed with lung cancer.  His battle was brief but difficult and alongside his family and friends he was finally at peace on December 6, 2016.  District 8 Thespian, Brooke Sterling, and a group of former students of Dave’s organized a fundraiser event in tribute to their teacher on September 27th 2016 at Pinecrest Gardens.  Filled with supporters, former students, friends and family the Banyan Bowl served as a beautiful backdrop for the heartfelt voices that sang up in his praise as he watched through Facebook Live.  His memory will be forever in our hearts.  He served as drama teacher in Palmetto Middle School & Miami Beach Senior High.  He was also co-chair for District 4 Junior Thespians and built scenery and supported every theatre program he could.  He was always willing to lend a hand and held theatre and Thespians with incredible respect and love in his heart.  The family has not disclosed any plans for a celebration of his life, but we will keep you updated on any forthcoming information.  Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers.




District 8 Thespians

2016-2017 Individual Events Festival


Critics’ Choice

Duet Acting A              Troupe 1684               Anderson & Morey                 Livin’ Fat

Duet Acting B              Troupe 7590               Baez & Fuentes                      The Rose Tattoo

Ensemble Acting A     Troupe 5744                Heiblum & Co.                        Bad Auditions by Bad Actors

Ensemble Acting B     Troupe 2450               Mirow and Co.                        The Crucible

Monologue A               Troupe 3598                Sabrina Deihl                          Dog Sees God/ Julius Caesar

Monologue B               Troupe 0475               M. Ordonez                             Other Dessert Cities/ Food Chain

Duet Musical A           Troupe 5744                Aisenberg & Margolesky        A Boy Like That

Duet Musical B           Troupe 1531               Gunn & Kendrick                    What About Love/ The Color Purple

Lg Group Musical       Troupe 6162                Aguayo & Co.                         Stronger/ Finding Neverland

Solo Pantomime         Troupe 2450               M. Carbi                                  The Construction Worker

Duet Pantomime         Troupe 8123               Arrola & Vargas                      Careful What You Wish For

Lg Pantomime             Troupe 5744               Jarrel & Co.                             Me, Myself, And I

Sm Group Musical      Troupe 1298               Weinbach & Co.                      Mama Who Bore Me

Solo Musical A            Troupe 2450               B. Romero                               Lost In The Brass

Solo Musical B            Troupe 3598               L. Rubio                                   My House/ Matilda

Solo Musical C           Troupe 6692                A.Velez                                   Glitter An Bae Gay/ Candide

Costume Construction            Troupe 4841   A. Pertierra                              Legally Blonde

Costume Design A                  Troupe 0391   R. Friedman                            Godspell

Costume Design B                  Troupe 8102   S. Castaneda                          Godspell

Publicity                                  Troupe 1576   J. Quintero                              Legally Blonde

Playwriting                              Troupe 3637   P. Pharel                                 A Zoo Story

Scene Design                         Troupe 1576    J. Vigoa                                   Of Mice and Men

Student Directed                     Troupe 7590   Valdivieso & Co.                     The Imaginary Invalid

Make-Up Design A                 Troupe 7590   S. Lang                                    Metamorphoses

Make-Up Design B                 Troupe 7590   A. Lopez-Godreau                  Metamorphoses

Choreography                         Troupe 1298    Tuaty & Co.                             Positive/ Legally Blond

Production Team                    Troupe 5744   Ager & Co.                              Metamorphoses